About Mumbai Maja

In our ever so busy day, we receive so many emails that it has become a practice to junk them if the spam monitor did not get them. A large number of these emails do deserve to end up in the junk box, but we may have missed a few good ones that could pass on a useful message or may brighten a dull moment, or provide the next bit of inspiration we desparetely need, or just offer some food for thought, or make us laugh out loud.

I get many of these emils and yes for a long time I too use to junk them. Then one day, I lost my job and days went to months and months to years. It is during this time, that I had a lot of time with nothing much to do. For some reason, getting a job seemed like a very difficult thing. I began with reading chain letters and they got passed on hoping that luck would one day return. But believe me some of them were really inspirational, they made my day, some made you realize that there is a lot more to life and some very funny that made me forget those depressing moments.

It’s just the way these emails get distributed and passed on, is what’s not right. Some of them are scary, some pranks and some bullshit, so much so that now a days, most of them end up as junk since we just don’t want to bothered by them.

I began to go through these emails and discovered that many of them had some message to deliver. Why would anyone spend so much of time composing them or else. Either way, they did provide some information, may it be good or bad. I realized that if you removed the ” PASS THIS ON THIS TO 5 PEOPLE AND YOUR LIFE WILL CHANGE”, they actually had a message to give you.

I decided to make use of Junk Emails by making them available freely on the web without any commitment or obligations to be a member or a subscriber. I have dedicated this blog for these emails, which will publish from time to time and more so that you can easily read without any fear or apprehension’s. In here you will find a variety of categories of emails, articles, quotes, jokes, scams notices and local Mumbai News, (that’s where I reside – Mumbai India).

Happy reading. ..

I still do not work as luck seems to be still avoiding my path, until then, I dedicate my time to enriching others through content that pops out from the Junk.




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