Hats off to this man who retired as Judge of Madras High Court last week.

A Judge, who


– did not want the red capped, silver mace bearing “Diwali” to announce his arrival  which was seen as a symbol of Power and Authority


-did not want red beacon in his car


-surrendered a sub-inspector ranked personal security guard 


– did not want to be addressed as “My Lord” in courts


– who had disposed off 96,000 cases in 6 years – Many judges did not touch even 50% of this number.


– who had surrendered his official car in the Morning of retirement and travelled in suburban train for going back home


– Did  not accept  any post retirement jobs such as Supreme court judge, Tribunals, Commissions etc.


Did not accept farewell and dinner in a star hotel – last occasion any Judge refused a farewell was in 1929. 


– One among the first judges to declare his assets to Chief Justice. On the day of retirement once again declared his assets to the Chief Justice. 


– at the entrance of his official chamber, a notice was seen ” No deities- No flowers, No one is hungry-No fruits, No one is shivering – No shawls.


– Some of his landmark judgementsare

Women can become priests in temples 

there should be common Burial ground irrespect of caste 

For staging plays, police permission not required 

there should be community based reservation in noon meal centres. 


In the world of Mohantys and Raja Bhaiyas every Indian can be proud of this exceptionally exceptional man who has restored the faith in Judiciary.

Source: The Hindu / 09.03.2013


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