At most of the occasions, you cannot avoid but land up holding a glass of wine or whiskey. This is more common among working professionals and friends. In official meetings or at parties, you will look odd without holding a glass of alcohol. This social practice can be harmful at times as many people can get addicted to alcohol.


Alcoholism is an addiction towards alcoholic beverages. Most of the people especially youth are getting into this addiction. In worst cases, these addicts cannot stay without drinking alcohol for even a single day. Those who are considered alcoholic do not even get sleep if they do not take a sip of their regular alcoholic beverage.


Alcoholism affects you, your health, and relationships. If you are used to drinking every other day, they you need to check if you are turning into an alcohol addict. Here are few warning signs that you need to check. These signs will help you know if you are turning into an alcoholic or not.


Warning signs of alcoholism:

You are drinking more: 

You started drinking with one peg and now you are drinking more than a quarter. If you have increased the consumption of alcohol, then it is a sign of alcoholism.


You have the capacity:

Even after drinking more than others, you still have the capacity to stand up and walk down home alone! If you are strong enough to gulp down more than others, it is a clear sign that you are becoming an alcoholic as your body is adapting to the presence of alcohol.


Drinking regularly:

If you inculcated the habit of drinking every day, it is a clear sign of alcoholism. When you start looking for opportunities or reasons to drink, it shows that you are getting addicted to it.


You have started hiding it:

When you start hiding the fact from others and yourself, it is a warning sign of alcoholism.


You get frustrated without it:

When alcoholism takes its toll on you, you get completely obsessed with it. Without drinking even a single glass of alcohol, you feel frustrated and constantly start consoling yourself.


Drinking without occasion:

Having a can of beer in the car just to get over stress is just an excuse to gulp down some chilled alcohol. When you start drinking without any occasion, it is a sign of alcoholism.


Get over hangover:

Drinking any time of the day is one of the signs of alcoholism. However, when you drink a glass early in the morning to get over hangover, your body is adapting to alcohol and you start thinking that it works! This addiction worsens the situation.


These are few signs of an alcoholic. If you are facing them then you need help immediately. Consult your doctor and get over this addiction before you go crazy and spoil your health.


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