Gates To Heaven

Bill Gates arrives before St. Peter, who is obviously excited for him to be there. “Welcome, Mr. Gates!”, he says, “since you’re such a notable and famous character, my boss has authorized me to let you choose your own eternity.”

Gates smiles. “Well, yes, that is only right”, he tells St. Peter.
Peter leads him to what appears to be a peaceful park in a city. Some old men are playing chess on a bench, there are mothers playing with their young children in a playground, and older kids have a touch football game going on. “Okay, not bad”, Gates says, “how about my other choice?”

Peter leads him to a beach, where there is a volleyball game going on, a keg of beer and the most beautiful women he has ever seen in the skimpiest of bikinis. “That settles it”, Gates says. “This is what I want”. Peter says “OK”, and Gates is sucked into a fiery vortex, amidst the laughter of demons. As Gates disappears into the fiery pit, he yells at St. Peter “What about the beach? What about the babes?”

St. Peter says “Bill, that was the demo”.


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