Sacrifice, Dedication, Determination: Love

Love, the most complex four letter word in the English language. Not because it’s hard to say or do, but because of what it takes to sustain it. The emotional, physical and mental attachments of such a small, simple word are astonishing. There are many different forms of this word, brotherly love, divine love, family love and of course, romantic love. Each has its own particular meaning and needs for sustaining it.

The definition of love is unconditionally caring for someone, no matter what the situation or what it entails – giving your whole heart and trusting and believing the person is giving you theirs and trusting you in the same manner. Love is believing no matter what the problem, you care about each other enough to work through the situation knowing at the end of the dark tunnel you are going through there is a light, and you just have to hold each other tight to get to the light. But, getting to the light is the tough part. Each time you get scared or feel weak you have to hold each other close. When you do that, walking through the dark tunnel won’t seem so bad, it won’t seem so long because your hearts get closer, your very physical, mental and emotional beings get closer.


So on Valentine’s Day , All of you lovers out there try to love with your whole heart, love your family, friends or your partner in a way that you are proud of, that would make other people want your love. Love is so strong and so courageous that you won’t be disappointed, you’ll be thankful for living with your heart. I also challenge you to not just speak love, but to live it. Show the person you care about how you feel by doing something for them.

                                          HAPPY  VALENTINE DAY 




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