Amazing Robots

Curiosity Rover


Curiosity was the undisputed robot superstar of 2012. Ever since she set down on the red planet in August, Curiosity has been behaving in true 2012 style: updating software, checking in on FourSquare and taking hipster-tastic photos.





How would you like a glimpse at the crushingly bleak future that awaits you in the inevitable robot uprising? This DARPA-funded Cheetah bot could chase down the world’s fastest man. What chance do you have?



ASIMO is still the best modern bot. Awww, look at her little hands and cute bent knees. She looks like an astronaut! But when you see a few in a room together, you start to wonder what they talk about when they’re alone.

Sand Flea


Sand Flea is an 11-pound robot that drives like an RC car but can jump 30 feet in the air when it needs to. A human equivalent could leap over a 30-story building in a single bound. Boston Dynamics has worked on multiple robotics projects for the U.S. military, but Sand Flea would double as an awesome kids’ toy.


Sexiest robot dance moves or arachno-bot ready to kill? You decide.

RHex Rough-Terrain Robot


As cute as any non-anthropomorphic robot has a right to be. Boston Dynamics is hard at work designing bots for all terrain and every situation, just to be sure we have no place to hide when the machines rise up Terminator style.



You thought you could go five minutes without listening to “Gangnam Style,” didn’t you? Well, sorry, but robots love it. Expect to hear PSY blasted over the state-run TV stations 24/7 once the robots gain control.



What a stud. Check out more of PETMAN’s adventures, or just watch him do push-ups like a robot Rocky.













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