Greetings!!! President Barrack Obama

The greatest 44th US  newcomer

In the 234th year of history,

You entered the White House

With a landslide victory.


Welcome change in eight years,

Had enough of wars and unending tears,

What an eventful history,

Uncle Sam, somewhere- up there

Smiles at this mystery


Specialzing in Iinternational Relations,

And topping with Harvard Law Review,

You did proud to Colombia University,

And Harvard Law School,

Producing in YOU, their great tool.


You’ve entered when world economics are in grips,

And hurtling down the cliffs,

Universal markets are going amiss,

Humans the world over, taking the risk,

Not that one can work immediate wonders,

But Michelle by your side, you will not blunder.


You paid tribute to-

Your country, its system and to society,

These things come from within,

All races taken as your brethren,


Now you have challenges ahead,

Not quite a rose bed,

With the country’s worst financial crisis

And the globe warming ice =

All this rigmarole on your young shoulders,

Could make your feet colder.


But with the watchful eye of The Statue of Liberty,

You will soon be out of this adversity.







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