Congratulations, Mr. Obama

And viva, Americans, you have chosen right

The best man, diligent and bright

The race was tight

Wondering who’ll win the fight

Thousands of first timers voted for you

Millions oldies doted on you

Yes you Americans are generous

With love and passion you voted for the man

World wide too, you have hoards of fans

The ovation you got when you walked on the stage

“SANDY” was forgotten, the crowd went in rage

With Michelle and daughters by your side

The ovation filled the air


Star studded flags shone bright

The Nations tag

Yes “Sandy” came in full fury

Drove you and Romney out of glory

Did much havoc as it could

Drove the Americans out in the wood

You mustard courage, and shelved the campaign

Came to the rescue of the nation

Asked them to take courage, fight and work hard

To reach to each other in this time of adversity

And to progress on the work, which they already started

To forget who they are and from where they came from

To get together as one nation

Whether you are rich or poor

Black, white or any other hues

We Americans can make it

Because we live in

The greatest nation on earth

With this encouraging speech

He captured the hearts of all.


Mary D’cunha



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