Acidity can be described as a condition wherein there is an excess of acid secretion by the gastric glands of stomach. Heartburn and gas formation are the major symptoms of acidity. Our body produces acid to digest the food we eat. However, problem strikes, when it produces more acid than what is required. It is, then, that the gastric juices move from the stomach, into the lower esophagus, making it dysfunctional. There are a number of reasons that lead to the formation of acidity.


Causes Of Acidity


Excessive smoking

Drinking too much alcohol

Gastro duodenal (peptic) ulcer

Hyper secretion of hydrochloric acid

Reflux of gastric acid

Not having meals on time

Eating fried and spicy food on a regular basis

Problems in the functioning of digestive system

Being on an empty stomach for a long time or skipping breakfast

Eating foods rich in fats, like chocolates




Excessive exposure to sun and heat

Inappropriate food habits

Negative emotions

Weakness of the valves


Symptoms Of Acidity


Burning sensation or pain in the stomach, 1-4 hours after a meal

Chest pain

Prolonged heartburn

Inflammation in chest

Feeling hungry frequently

Constant pain in the upper abdomen



Bitter taste in mouth

Loss of appetite

Respiratory problems



Gastro-esophageal reflux

Voice change and formation of ulcer in esophagus (tube connecting mouth and stomach)

Pain during muscular contractions

Pain in ears


Home Remedies For Acidity

If you are suffering from acidity, try to suck on a piece of clove. It will bring immediate relief.

For people who are prone to acidity, intake of milk or other dairy products will prove to be helpful.

Regular consumption of fresh mint juice can also help you get rid of acidity.

Add two teaspoons apple cider vinegar and two teaspoons honey to a glass of water. Drink this concoction after meals, as it reduces the chances of acidity.

Boil cumin seeds in a glass of water. Let it cool down and supplement your meals with it.

Banana, cucumber and watermelon have been found to be helpful in treating acidity naturally.

If you are have acidity problem, avoid taking tea, coffee and other aerated drinks. Instead, go for herbal tea, containing spearmint  and liquorice .

The simplest of all remedies is to have a glass of warm water every day, early in the morning. Water is believed to neutralize acidity.

Drink coconut water 3 to 4 times in a day. It will help bring relief from acidity.

If you are looking for an immediate relief, have a bowl of yoghurt. It is one of the most effective home remedies for acidity.

If you constantly suffer from acidity, suck on 10 grams jaggery everyday, after meals. It will help you avoid acid formation.

Have a glass of cabbage juice everyday, in order to avoid acid formation and the resultant acidity.

If you want instant relief from acidity, take a glass of water with a teaspoon of soda in it.


Please check with a expert before using any of the suggestions given in this article.


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