Too many people these days are so preoccupied with pixels, and all of the other fake things in the world. They think in terms of Farmville, and how the natural world is portrayed in the screen savers where fish jump out of the water every x number of seconds. This is not actually how the world works, whether they realize it to be the case or not. In real life, the world is not squares of glowing light (although quantum physicists might say something along those lines), and it has a lot more variables to it than just 0 and 1. A major part of educating our young people is to show them this, and make sure they understand it.

One vital part of understanding how the natural world works involves an art that is nearly lost- unplugging all of the electronic gadgets that plug into a wall, and confiscating all of the ones that we keep in our pockets. While going off to frolic and explore the woods and the waves may not be how most people think of spending their days anymore, they are great ways to experience how the world actually works. It’s the simple questions that children ought to be asking- what is that creature, why do the waves move that way, why do things look blue when they’re really far away?

When we lose the simple questions of life, we lose a large part of ourselves. We lose a lot of the very nature of what makes us human. We were not originally designed (nor did we naturally evolve) just to sit in front of a glowing box and punch in commands, while our friends do the same thing a great distance away. We were meant to interact with our friends, and to explore and enjoy (and yes, learn from) the natural world around us. When children take the time to do this, glowing boxes aren’t quite so cool anymore.

Source: Educational Enviroments 


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